Web Design

Smart business owners face the challenge of the information age armed with the talents of an experienced web designer. John Schnell and Associates will help you develop a sound communications strategy, and build the technical elements to make it happen. Your clients will find your site easy to navigate, with the information they're looking for.


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To accommodate the dramatic increase in mobile users who access the Internet, we build next-generation Flexbox, Flex-grid and Bootstrap sites. These sites look great, and are designed from the ground up to support mobile users, as well as traditional users.

Design Options

Font Awesome
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Font icons are all the rage nowadays, with more and more developers taking advantage of them in their designs. If you haven’t yet looked into them yet, icon fonts are just fonts. However, instead of containing letters or numbers, they contain symbols and glyphs.


Pop Menu Magic
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In website navigation, as with any list, placing items at the beginning and the end is most effective. Why? Because this is where our attention and retention are highest. It's called the serial position effect, and it combines placement with our built-in cognitive biases.

Page Options

Accordion Panel
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There are a variety of page options for building a website. The primary consideration is the company's purpose for building the website. Understanding your business goals will help to shape what website elements and functions the website requires.


Price List
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We have lots of experience estimating project costs, after building hundreds of sites for general contractors, specialty contractors, home builders and interior designers. Our professional expertise includes Flexbox, Flex-Grid, and FTP site design.


Contractor Web Design Projects
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Over the past twelve years, John Schnell and Associates has accumulated a wealth of experience working with general contractors, specialty contractors, home builders and interior designers. Visit a few of the client sites we've built during the past year.

Search Engines

Seach Engine Optimization
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A major development in search engine optimization (SEO) is the advent of Keyword Research, Sitemap Generators and Site Analyzer tools. Google, Yahoo! and Bing look for keywords and keyword phrases to index your site. These tools help us to effectively prepare each page.

Social Networks

Social Networks for Contractors
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For small businesses, the trend to join one or more social network sites is essential. Are you thinking about marketing your business online, with hopes of expanding your company's reach? You should look into using Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.


Technical Support
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With our Site Support and Site Hosting Plans, you'll get the help you need for your site, at a price you can plan for. We offer Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Site Support and Hosting options. We also offer Technical Support at an hourly rate.