Aerial Photography

Are you ready for a new perspective for your business or organization? Aerial Photography and Aerial Video services have already made the leap to consumer use, and they are being rapidly deployed by small businesses. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are used in many small business and government applications. Whether performing simple aerial photography, construction surveys, inspectiion of roofs or  pipelines, real estate photography, or helping farmers enhance their crop yields, drones have developed into powerful tools.

Drones are used in a wide range of industries, giving users unique insights into business operations. Unmanned aircraft are proving to be cost-effective, safe, fast, and more accurate. As certified drone operators, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients leverage aerial photography to redefine data acquisition, data analysis and marketing methodologies. It's a whole new game!

Agriculture, Farming and Livestock

John Schnell. Springfield, IllinoisAgricultural

The agriculture market is the largest aerial photography opportunity in North America.

The benefits of using a drone on the farm include greater ability to monitor crop health and identify potential problem areas of the field. Ag UAVs are primarily used for monitoring crop health as part of a broader shift toward precision agriculture.

So how does a drone help in precision agriculture and how does the integration work? Precision agriculture involves the latest practices of farming using imaging, testing, and analysis to increase productivity and minimize waste. Drones are the latest iteration of precision agriculture, which historically relied on satellites or airplanes for imaging, but those methods are expensive, dated information, and often unreliable due to cloud cover at the time of surveying.

Construction and Engineering

John Schnell. Springfield, IllinoisConstruction

Drones are increasingly utilized to provide topographical maps, scan large job sites, and create contour maps of terrain and structures with great accuracy.

Our drones enable construction professionals to have greater insight and site planning capabilities.

UAVs and aerial construction photography are quickly changing the practices of communicating on construction projects, BIM, and surveying land for building sites. Drones shorten a usually long process by producing 3D renderings of a property. 1UP believes the addressable market to be sizeable and estimates it to be $1.3bn in the US and $11.2bn worldwide, making Construction the largest Commercial end market for UAVs globally. UAVs offer a substantial cost-saving device for land surveying firms, construction companies, and aggressive collaboration is critical as surveyors are seasoned veterans with years of experience where precision is the life-blood.

Forensic Science and Insurance

John Schnell. Springfield, IllinoisForensic and insurance

Drones and forensic photography are changing the claims handling process.

Insurers were among the early commercial adopters of drone usage. AIG and State Farm have each received permission from the FAA to test the use of drones in the claims process. Drones allow insurers to more quickly evaluate the magnitude of losses once they occur, but also provide a more cost-effective way to evaluate the condition of roofs on insured homes or buildings. In catastrophic events, insurers are able to more quickly evaluate loss exposure, and also to bring needed resources to bear quickly and with better knowledge of what is required.

Additionally, accident reconstruction using drones is an emerging science which allows clients to collect information very quickly from a new aerial perspective that nimble drone technology and drone services can provide.

Real Estate

John Schnell. Springfield, Illinois

Real Estate drone photography creates a level of visual intrigue, at a price that is much more affordable than you might think.

Technological advances have made it efficient and cost effective to take real estate drone photography and videos from drones, aka Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS or UAV or Drone). Real estate professionals working with residential, commercial and land parcels can all benefit from the images and information obtained from using UAS technology. This imagery is an incredible tool for potential homeowners moving to a different city, buying a second home, or trying to streamline the research process necessary to buy a new home.

Many commercial properties or large parcels of land do not lend themselves well to traditional photography. Other UAS applications in real estate include general property due diligence, insurance inspections, appraisals, building management, and heat-loss imaging using thermal cameras.


John Schnell. Springfield, Illinois

Adventure Travel drone photography creates a level of excitement that is hard to match, and is becoming more enticing than ever.

Technological advances have made it efficient and cost effective to take aerial photos and video of fishing, kayaking, and paddle board adventures, using Unmanned Aerial Systems. Travel and tour operators working with can all benefit from the images and information obtained from using UAS technology. This imagery is an incredible tool.

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