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John Schnell and Associates works with general contractors, specialty contractors, home builders and interior designers who want to stand out from the crowd. Our unique approach to web design, social network marketing, and search engine optimization gets you noticed. And our graphic design, email marketing, project photography and technical support services are carefully crafted to enhance your professional reputation.

What Our Clients Say

Blackhawk Roofing
Blackhawk Roofing. Our business is different, and so is our site. This would have been challenging for us to do, but John Schnell has made us look great. He has been an energizing force to work with, and has provided leadership we never expected in a web designer. Visit Site.
Central Florida Equipment
Central Florida Equipment. We hired John Schnell to redesign our company's website. We described what we were looking for, and John took in our requirements. He began with our ideas, added a few of his own, and created a professional site that exceeded our expectation. Visit Site.
Delta Innovative Services
Delta Innovative Services. From the beginning, working with John Schnell has been an effortless engagement of professionalism. Our website completely surpasses our expectations. It's great to be able to conduct business long distance and feel so well taken care of. Visit Site.

Our Services

Web Design

Web Design for Specialty Contractors
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We've designed well over one hundred websites for general and specialty contractors, home builders and interior designers. We'll work with you to develop a web strategy for your business, and then build the technical and visual elements that bring it all together.

We're certified users of the best web design tools. That makes the process run smoothly, and gives you more design options. We use a variety of industry-standard tools to enhance the visual appearance of your site, with functional components that make sense for your business. You'll get the website you've been hoping for, at a price you can afford.

Major Clients

Social Media

Social Media Support for Specialty Contractors
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Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can deliver content directly to your followers. The content consists of images, short text posts, and links to longer articles. Use these posts to highlight recently completed projects and new services.

Facebook. For years, businesses have been searching for the "secret formula" that gets clients and prospects to become fans on Facebook. We will help you find and motivate fans to follow your products and services.

Instagram lets you post pictures of what you're doing, with a short description. It's perfect for contractors, and much more informative. Pictures convey size, scope, obstacles, and reality.

Twitter is a great tool for contractors. You can use Twitter to keep your clients "in the know" about projects and services. With only 140 characters per tweet, your posts are concise and to-the-point.


Technical Support for Specialty  Contractors
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With a Site Support Agreement, you'll get the technical support you need, at a price you can afford. We offer our technical support services on an hourly basis, a monthly plan, or through a prepaid annual agreement.

Site Concierge. Most of our clients have great intentions of keeping their sites up-to-date. Then they get busy. And gradually the site becomes dated. With Site Concierge we'll take on an advocacy role to keep your site current!

Site Monitor. We'll keep things running smoothly by providing technical updates to your site. We'll regularly check your site for technical glitches and performance problems.

Site Hosting. We'll place your site on an extremely reliable, business-class Virtual Private Server. Using Dropbox Pro, we’ll also make regular backups of your site.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design For Specialty Contractors
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We help companies get their message out with professional and high-quality designs. Whether you need a sell sheet, marketing brochure, or pocket folder, we've got you covered.

It's about getting results. We focus on your business objectives, and we understand the challenges of the construction industry. We evaluate your written copy, and show you how to make it better. If you already have a "look and feel" for your company, we can it integrate with new collateral, so that your marketing materials are consistent.

It takes more than "slick graphics" to get your message across. We'll present your information in a way that is easily readable by prospective clients. Two types of readers will view your marketing materials. One group scans the piece, while another group reads for detail. We design for both groups.


Marketing for Specialty Contractors
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Our marketing services are crafted with your success in mind. Today, many contractors face the information-age challenge with the skills of a good consultant. We're ready to help!

We are professionals with nearly a dozen years of experience. We specialize in getting results by helping contractors promote their brand with professional and well-orchestrated marketing campaigns.

Whether you need a simple announcement, event invitations and registration, a monthly newsletter, a promotion to target new markets, or a survey to determine the success of your efforts, we've got you covered.

It's all about getting results. We focus on your business objectives. We'll evaluate your ideas, show you how to improve them, and breathe new life into your brand, using eye-catching materials and relevant campaigns.


Photography for Specialty Copntractors
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There's a reason why our award-winning images look so good. We fuse over thirty years of behind-the-camera expertise with advanced Photoshop techniques to clean up your photos, and make them look picture-perfect.

We'll come to your location equipped with two or three high-resolution Nikon cameras, a range of lenses, and an assortment of additional photography equipment. This gear allows us to produce high-resolution images of your projects. We can even stitch together twenty images (or more), to produce ultra-high-resolution photos that can be several feet in height and length.

John Schnell Productions can produce aerial videos and motion time-lapse videos for general contractors, specialty contractors, home builders and interior designers. John will capture visually compelling video to enhance the overall appeal of any site.